Yes, the project I described before (An OSGI-based Android Cloud Compute Platform) sounds like a good idea. And we also feel really excited about the future of our project. However, we are facing many problems now.

The translation difficulty of Felix is out of my imagine. First, the IDE told me I have conflict on classes.dex, so I remove the classes.dex in the Bundle(though the tuition said I should put it into the Bundle in order to make it be used by Dalvik VM). But it collapsed again which is so a bad news for the project. I followed the steps strictly again and try to make some changes but it didn’t work. I used lots of time on debug but still can’t solve the problem. Finally, I decided to do some other important works first.

We should have something to control the version of the project to avoid unexpected bugs when modify codes. I built a repositories and upload the initial version of our transplant project. This is the url of the project and if anyone has interested in it plz tell me by email. We welcome anyone who want contribute a little for this project.

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