I am developing an Android project by Nexus 7. However, when I wanted to see system folders I was rejected by “Permission denied” so I realized that I have to root it.

First I tried some “One Key Root” on App Store but all failed. Then I searched on Google and tried some root software on PC and you can root your device by connecting to your PC. Finally I found a so good tool called Nexus Root Toolkit(hereinafter referred to as NRT). And I also decided to write a simple tuition for this software for people who want to root their Nexus but don’t know how to achieve the goal.

After you finishing your download, open it and you will see this window. You should choose the device and Android Version of your Nexus the click Apply.


Then download some root documents by click Download button.


After the download finish, you can see the main dashboard of NRT.


The first thing you should to know is that almost all the times you should wipe all your Nexus apps, data and settings if you want to root it, so please backup the data before you start. Click on Backup.

9         10


After you click Confirm Operation, you will see these popups





and this on your Device Screen. You will see that your Device has switched to BootLoader Mode.

Unnamed QQ Screenshot20141121153726

Just waiting and if the backup success, your Nexus will restart soon and NRT will also turn back to the main dashboard.


The next step is unlock your device by clicking Unlock you will see this window and click OK (do you see the warning so please make sure your backup have successfully completed again!)


Click Yes to reboot your device and let it enter into the Bootloader Mode automatically.


You will see some similar popups which showed when you backup the data. And finally you will see this:


And this on your Nexus.

Unnamed QQ Screenshot20141121154447

Please click Yes by your physical key(!!!!!) which means “Confirm”(On my Nexus is the switch), don’t touch the screen, I’m sure it will ignore you!

If this step succeed, you will see this on your screen. (Please don’t close it immediately because information in this popups will be useful to the later steps!) And your Nexus will restart soon.


Don’t be shocked by the view you see because it has been restored factory settings. Setting up some initial settings such as time zone, wifi and so on. Then do as what NRT let you do(look at the picture upward).

We are almost success! Finally click Root!


Click OK.



Your device will be led to Bootloader once more. And there will be some popups on your PC screen and when you see this:


There will be something show on your Nexus Screen such like this:

Unnamed QQ Screenshot20141121170914

Be patient. And if you see your device restart successfully and a inform was shown on your PC screen soon, that means your device has been a  ROOT Nexus (^_-)-☆萌え


If you want to make sure that it was really been rooted. Add your android sdk tool to your os enviroment. Enter your cmd (or terminal on Linux, Mac OS), input “adb shell” command which can make you enter into your Android os and input “su” command.


You can see this on your Nexus:

Unnamed QQ Screenshot20141121172012

Grant it and you can enter into root mode.



This is an original tuition by bxs3514(Bei XiangShun)

If you want to reprint please tell me or make clear in your article that your article is reprinted from here, thank you.

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