We  are still working hard on our project Android Felix. However, there’s a strange problem which happened on today  afternoon.

The circumstance was: I used some free time on update Android to Android 5.0 (The tuition and factory image to Android 5.0 for Nexus)  after lunch and I added some new functions when the android was updating. The update finished successfully and I felt amazing about the beautiful and convenient Android 5.0. However, our project crashed when it started up… I deleted the new functions and ran again, it still crashed which makes me really frustrated(shit!) So I looked at error logs and find a list of error log: IllegalArgumentException: Service Intent must be explicit.

This is so strange and I didn’t know what happened because it ran normally on today morning. So I did some search on Google and finally find out the reason is that if we want to start a service we must declare exactly one service action. And I also got a good way to fix it: http://blog.android-develop.com/2014/10/android-l-api-21-javalangillegalargumen.html. After trying this method, our project ran normally on Android and we felt a lot relief.

Any developers who also meet this problem when update to Android 5.0 can read this and repair your project quickly. And please allow me to ask why Google did this so big change to service. Although I can understand it’s for  safety of Android Applications, I still couldn’t understand why they did this without informing Android Developers and how can they did this at the cost of clashing developers projects 🙁

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