This project aims to help blind people to arrive at their destination safely and make them can be rescued as fast as possible if they face some danger.

We used the speech recognition and TTS (Text to Speak) voice to realize a human-computer interaction system which solves the problem that blind people can not operate mobile phones. And we considered that it’s hard for blind people finding the buttons to open the navigation and speech recognition,  so we designed some simple hand gestures to help them use this software easier and more convenient. We also used the OpenCV technology to recognize images. By doing this work, we made cell phones identify the traffic lights, we think it’s a good solution for the problems that there’re lots of dangerous when blind people walk across the road.

GPS is used in such project for connecting to the SMS system. So when the blind people meet danger, they just need to use the “Dangerous Hand Gesture” to send SMS which includes the location information to his friends, families and so on. These people’s mobile phone number have been stored in a database, so they can know their blind friend/family is in danger. And the most amazing thing is, they can provide the policeman with useful information which was sent by that SMS. So it’s quite easy for police to get to the place and help the blind people.
A show of our navigation(I feel sorry that this show is in Chinese because we made this project in China and the first version is just for Chinese.)

Link to this project:

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